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A friend recommended Vincent to me about two years ago for help with a computer problem. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Vincent.......he is knowledgeable, efficient, and extremely helpful, Nothing seems to be too much trouble, and he has always resolved any IT issues I have had, responding promptly to any calls.  When I bought a new integrated Dell desktop in January, it was very reassuring to know that Vincent would have my new system up and running in a smooth & efficient way. On a personal level I find him to be extremely courteous and pleasant. So happy to have found Vincent! 

M. Taylor

When your education was firmly concluded in the analogue age, any exposure to digital tends to be accompanied by massive anxiety attacks! That is why Vincent has been so loyal, reliable and patient an IT guru, for whom no challenge appears to be insurmountable. His dedication to solving each and every customer problem is legendary; and we cannot commend him more enthusiastically.



John & Maxine S

He has brilliantly helped us resolve and navigate our IT problems. He has helped with complicated computer problems, with mobiles, email accounts,photograph dilemmas and even compiling a video montage.

He does not baffle us with complicated computer language which is a blessing and he is a pleasure to work with. Can’t recommend him high enough 

Laurance Racke

Vincent has been my salvation many times over the past few years with all computer problems and television problems. He is always contactable by phone so help is always at hand, and also willing to visit if necessary. During a recent quite problematic move Vincent took good care of all the television problems and installation and organised the nightmare that was with the computer connection.


He is always courteous and a delight to have around. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Carole Philips

I highly recommend Vincent an all round knowledgeable expert on any IT and TV and mobile help. For the last 4 years, he has been supporting me with all my IT and technical issues and he has always found solutions and fixed my problems in person and remotely. As an extra bonus, I have learnt from him on how to solve my basic IT issues. 

Val Sedounik

I have used Vincent’s computer assistance for 6 years now and I honestly don’t know where I would be without his help. 

From making me getting a back-up hard drive (which turned out to be utterly essential when my desktop died one day) to installing a new desktop, helping with all the glitches and crashes, screen freezes, helping with printer problems, advising which updates to install and which to avoid, helping us extend broadband throughout our house (there were dead areas) and seeming to know all the latest fixes to the problems that occasionally beset us, Vincent is an absolute expert. 

I should also add that he’s fantastically helpful, always prompt to reply to a problem by message and then to fix the earliest appointment possible if the problem can’t be solved remotely. We would be lost without him!

Maggie Gallagher

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